Welcome to DFKAnalytics 2.0
Pirate Quester - A DFK Bot that runs in your browser!
Self custodial, encrypted and secure.
Created by the creator of DFKAnalytics.
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Provide feedback about the site, chat with people about DFKA and Heroes/Pets or just hang out.

Metamask Login

Using your metamask or just providing your 0x address manually to search or analyse your own heroes and pets.

Pets are here

and they're here to stay! If you want to find the right pet for you or just have a looksie at what's available on the market click below.
Now with even more powerful search tools.

Discover Hero NFTs

Discover heroes using the powerful query tools of DFKAnalytics. There are over 100 different columns you can expose in the tables comparing hundreds of heroes at a time. There are filters that aren't available ingame yet like Perilous Journey stats and even a filter for hero names.

For those who prefer the old experience

the site is still running. You can go there to get the old DFKAnalytics experience anytime you'd like. It's not going away.